A person blessed with an eye for art and a need to create takes a journey through artistic self expression that is continually evolving, many times working in more than one medium.

For many years I’ve created three dimensional work in steel, having worked as a welder/ fabricator for most of my career, as well as in wood and natural materials such as driftwood and found objects from the forest or beaches.

When I first took an Art history class in high school, I was totally immersed, and continued to study Art movements, artists, creative processes and materials on my own from then on.

I didn’t feel the need to pursue it as a career and almost never took any further Art courses but always enjoyed going to museums and galleries, and even amassed a large library for my own study of my favorite artists and movements.

I was first attracted to the Surrealists on my very first encounter with the movement, studying them in that course in high school, and it has carried over into much of my work.

Deep down I am a Dadaist, and many of my pieces reflect the crazy humor and political and social discontent evident in the era in which that genre was born, even as it was an extension of Surrealism.

From that early period of my own growth I found the artist Man Ray. His work just spoke to me and related to my own way of seeing things. I immediately understood his work- his assemblages, sculptures, and photographs, and that sparked my own desire to create.

I began creating found object assemblages, as I was a thrift store and flea market junkie, which grew through the years into the sideline business of selling antique and vintage décor.

Also, so impressed with the avant garde photography of Man Ray, I built a darkroom and began printing my photographs… often using techniques imitating his with my own Surreallist subject matter, and having fun with the results.

During that time I was also shooting color, and doing interior setup shots with a Surreal effect, or out on the streets, always focusing on the oddball and absurd things that I see.

What I am most involved in today is the photographic medium, which I regard as a record of our culture, and that it encompasses my love for the aesthetics of architecture- both historical and modern, and roadside signage, and all the crazy oddball unusual things I see when I’m out traveling.