Surveillance State

We go about our daily lives, not realizing how often we are being observed. We have traded our privacy for a sense of security. The question becomes- who is watching?
While traffic control and crime prevention are benefits, there is a dark side to the data collection that is ramping up within highly classified Intel organizations in the U.S.
Intel such as the CIA, FBI, and NSA have now been proven to collect data on innocent people every day, and have no transparency or accountability as to what they are doing with this data. There is no oversight and no litigation to protect our right of privacy. Mass surveillance is here.
I began this series in 2016, as it was apparent to me that surveillance technology was rapidly becoming a part of our urban landscape. I am bringing up the major question of our times- namely, where is this going and where will it end?
My series begins with color photographs of fairly innocent looking surveillance cameras looking down upon people going about their business and unknowing they are actually being watched.
With included narrative, the series questions the dark nature of possibility that this personal data could someday be used for control, not unlike Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984. The photographs morph into a contrasty black & white set as the surveillance technology presented posits an ominous tone of a Dystopian future.